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Description of the vehicle

The Setra 417 HDH is the best choice for larger groups of passengers, whether it’s a shorter or longer trip.

Number of passengers: 59 + 1 + 1 Seat belts: Yes Smoking: No
Sleeping seats: Yes Bottle of water: Yes Surround system: Yes
DVD Player: Yes Wet wipes: Yes TV: 2
Kitchen: Yes WC: Yes Fridge: Yes

  In addition to its comfort, comfortable passenger seats and a wide legroom as well as toilets, the Setra bus is equipped with all modern accessories to make your journey as comfortable as possible. Video system with two large front and rear monitor buses and a large selection of newer foreign and domestic movies to make the journey go faster.

If you are interested in this type of transport for the city, you can also contact us at one of our telephone numbers (00-24h on the number +381 11 210 16 16, +381 66 26 26 26) and we will reply as soon as possible.