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Description of the vehicle

Regardless of whether it’s a city shuttle or a longer trip, an excursion or any other type of travel or transfer, with a high level of comfort on two levels, the S 431 DT brings not only a very pleasant luxury, but also a cost-effectiveness in transport as well the possibility of renting for any type of travel.

Passengers: 78 + 1 + 1 Seat belts: Yes Smoking: No
Double Decker: Yes Bottle of water: Yes Surround system: Yes
DVD Player: Yes Wet wipes: Yes TV`s: Yes
Kitchen: Yes WC: Yes Fridge: Yes

Bus seats show true respect for their passengers. With its pillows and rounded seats and comfortable, ergonomically formed backrests, the Setra 431 DT offers maximum seat comfort and ease of operation. In addition to the comfortable seats, the lower deck has a spacious toilet that is specially designed and comfortable.

If you are interested in this type of transport for the city, you can also contact us on one of our telephone numbers (00-24h on the number +381 11 210 16 16, +381 66 26 26 26) and we will reply as soon as possible.