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Opis Vozila

If you need a vehicle to carry a larger group of passengers, Beocontrol has the right solution for you Mercedes Sprinter 516 with the option of transporting 19 people.

Number of passengers: 19 + 1 Phone charger: Yes Smoking: No
Seats with stitching in all directions: Yes Bottle of water: Yes Surround system: Yes
DVD Player: Yes Wet wipes: Yes LCD TV: Yes
 Wifi: Yes Charger for laptops: Yes Fridge: Yes

Another great vehicle in the Beocontrol fleet, and as such has additional features that will provide you with complete driving enjoyment. Equipped with the highest quality equipment, it guarantees comfort and enjoyment of the road.

If you are interested in this type of transport for the city, you can also contact us on one of our telephone numbers (00-24h on the number +381 11 210 16 16, +381 66 26 26 26) and we will reply as soon as possible.